Hello Micro

Elliat Rich


We often talk about nature as ‘other’, ‘over there’, ‘elsewhere’ but on a microscopic scale ‘nature’ is in every nook and cranny, every pore, follicle and bit of flying spittle across the planet. Hello Micro is a reminder of this teeming, complex and ever-present world that we depend on to manage decomposition, digestion plus a myriad of other processes. Hooray for the mould spores who have moved from micro to macro and revealed their existence through these furry wonderlands.
Elliat Rich is based in Alice Springs, Central Australia. She works across a broad-spectrum of design for a diverse client base, remotely, locally and nationally. Her practice covers cross-cultural resources, exhibition design, public art and furniture, product development, one-off exhibition and limited run objects. All projects align with an ethical imperative to increase equality between people and across species. 


Glass, concrete, fuel, mould spores (voluntary)


Alice Springs, Australia

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