Habit III

Harriet Watts


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Habit I, II and III are a series of works that emulate textiles. Watts wants the audience to first see the works as soft, malleable knitted forms, and then to experience surprise and disbelief upon studying the objects more closely. The objects themselves are each familiar and unremarkable, their novel qualities playfully challenging our habitual assumptions about materiality, form and function.

Harriet Watts is an Australian designer interested in how to shift values, perceptions and attitudes through design. Her work frequently explores alternative ways of constructing, thinking about, and consuming functional objects, and often challenges existing assumptions about their materiality, functionality and use. Her work often also reflects her strong love of the natural world.

Watts completed a B. Design with First Class Honours at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in 2010, her honours research propelling an interest in Design for Sustainability theory. Watts has exhibited both nationally and internationally, including with The Other Hemisphere at Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week. With experience across object, textile, exhibition and 3D design, she works with various materials and across disciplines.

Approx. ø16cm x 13cm

Southern Ice Porcelain, Pigment


Sydney, Australia

Habit III Habit III

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