A Rubbish Stool

Peter Trimble


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A Rubbish Stool is made from 100% waste Polystyrene, utilising a pre-existing recycling process.

Expanded Polystyrene is chipped, heated and compressed, removing the air to form a polystyrene extrusion. Reducing the material to 3-5% of its original volume. The extrusion is then moulded into shape and left to cool.

A Rubbish Stool captures value from waste, realising the potential of existing recycling processes.

Trimble’s work explores materiality and process within a localised context. Focusing on the sustainable potential of alternative means of production.

44cm x 36cm x 36cm

Recycled Polystyrene


Mebourne, Australia

A Rubbish Stool A Rubbish Stool A Rubbish Stool A Rubbish Stool