Timber Sculpture

Jo Wilson


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Each unique piece is fueled by my father's injection moulding factory. Exploring basic outlines and the essence of objects and tooling found in the factory, I am inspired to create pure forms.

Local timbers evoke the history of the tree and hold a presence, capturing a raw quietness. I am passionate about re-use and experimenting with recycled materials.

Produced in strictly limited editions, each stand-alone object is intended for the art of collecting.

Inspired by the industrial landscape of her father’s injection moulding factory, Jo Wilson was driven to create unique, limited edition reclaimed Australian native hardwood stools and objects. Exploring the changes and processes inherent in timber and with economy and simplicity being fundamental to her work, her pared back pieces bring warmth to interior spaces and are handcrafted in order to remind us of the meaning found in raw natural materials.

40cm x 60cm

Reclaimed Telegraph Pole


Melbourne, Australia

Timber Sculpture Timber Sculpture Timber Sculpture